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The Pokémon Company came to us to create a video for the launch of a groundbreaking new series of Pokémon trading cards. For the first time in their 25-year history, the new tag team cards feature two Pokémon on one card, paired as a team. We wanted to make a video that would be equal to the fans’ excitement, whetting their appetite for the new cards. The visual style of this piece is inspired by the artwork on the cards themselves, which feature hand-painted renderings of the characters. Representing Pokémon characters in a painterly style is unique to this project, a stylistic innovation that is as special as the cards themselves. The video tells the story of each pair coming together, and then heading on their way to the arena for an epic battle. As we travel along with the characters, we feature each of the Pokémon tag team cards in a dynamic, energy-charged hero shot. The finale showcases an epic group shot, as all of the Pokémon are assembled together in the arena, ready for the games to begin.

Brand | Commercial
Tag Team


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