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Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers


The Main on End sequence for Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers picks up where the story left off for our main characters. The objective was to keep the fun alive, giving the audience a glimpse of where our characters go and what they do as their lives continue. Set to a modern pop riff on the classic Rescue Rangers theme song, we take a fast-paced journey through vignettes that show the gang’s continuing friendship, and their burgeoning career successes together. We tell the story through fully rendered 3D scenes, as well as 2D graphics, and various media sources. The project is a mix of 3D environments, photo-real CG environments, live-action, 2D matte paintings, 2D character animation, 3D character animation and motion graphics— it is a combination of practically every discipline we specialize in. We designed and storyboarded all scenarios and character poses, and worked closely with primary VFX vendor MPC for the creation of the main characters’ poses. Each credit was designed to be integrated into the environment, using unique situational fonts.

Film | Title Sequence
Main on End


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