yU+co is a Digital Innovation Studio Crafting Content & Design

Founded by Garson Yu in 1998, yU+co began as a design studio specializing in film title sequences. Diverse and talent-driven, we provide a creative playground for artists and clients to collaborate. It's an inspiring place where our team of fun-loving designers, producers, writers, filmmakers and programmers combine storytelling and technology expertise to create impactful, award-winning work and event experiences.

What We Do

Design is everything and everywhere, constantly engaging the environment around us.

It tells the story of our lives, reflecting who we are, where we come from, and what we are striving to become. Its power to simplify, organize, and solve problems helps bring purpose and understanding to our expression.

Design communicates
and astonishes
in ways nothing else can

Reaching people on the deepest levels to elevate
society and beautify the world around us.

Design is in our DNA. It’s a passion we take far beyond motion graphics to explore new frontiers of immersive artistry.

This is the philosophy that fuels our mission...

Design With Purpose

We pair this keen visual instinct with emerging technologies to capture beautiful moments and craft unique experiences that connect emotionally with viewers in innovative ways.

From Small Scale Projects

To monumental exhibitions

g r o u n d b r e a k i n g

for some of our favorite Los Angeles cultural institutions, yU+co offers full service creative across all platforms, including visual effects, virtual and augmented reality, site-specific installations and branded content.

We believe what we create should be more than just watched; it should bring people together for a meaningful collective experience...


Collaboration is pivotal to our process and we embrace the fun that comes with it

Through an open dialog with our clients, we bridge the gap from concept to creation, allowing their input to inspire the best possible work.

It's a creative ecology
where ideas flow freely
from client to artist
artist to client

helping us uncover the hidden details that separate great from extraordinary. Every project is an evolution moving us forward with the singular goal of creating a more connected human experience.

For us, success comes from our process. The more fun we have with it, the more rewarding it will be.